Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors

Front Entry Exterior Doors & Exterior Patio Doors

First impressions are everything!

Change the look and feel of your home - easily and without emptying your bank account! Change the front door to your home and watch the compliments roll in! At O’Brien Enterprises, we have a wide variety of exterior doors for you to choose from. We are quick, exact, and ethical professionals and we will get your exterior doors hung right the first time.

Front Entry Exterior Doors

Are you looking for wood, steel, or fibreglass for your front entry exterior door? They each have their merits and we can help you decide from our vast array of doors. Wood doors in maple, fir, or oak can really make a statement and reflect your unique personality. Steel doors are a great way of being energy-efficient and cost effective, while fibreglass doors offer long-lasting protection from the elements.

Exterior Patio Doors

Maybe you’re looking instead to update your exterior patio doors. We have exterior French doors that increase the light pouring into your home, adding warmth from the sun while making it easier for you to head outside to barbeque or just relax and enjoy the warm BC weather! We can customize your exterior French doors right down to the handles.




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Call O’Brien Enterprises today to find out how we can help you select the exterior doors you desire to update and refresh the look and feel of your home.

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